Sharing with Friends

I gave Scarlet Sunday off since I had ridden him more this last week than I had in the last month.

On Monday, my friend Katie who had come to town went out to ride with me. She was one of the only reasons that I was able to ride at all in college. She let me ride her horse quite often and take care of him when she was out of town.

We rode for just over an hour. It was great to have someone on the ground for a change. She was able to give me a pointer for getting Scarlet to go by the corner. We rode around and rolled back to go the other direction before he got so far that his eye was no longer on the corner. We did that a couple of times and then let him walk on when he walked through the corner. It seemed to work pretty well. Hopefully, this will keep working and we can get over that corner.

She also helped me identify when Scarlet was engaging his hind legs properly. He probably could have engaged more but we can work up to that. Scarlet always moves fast and with energy so its difficult to tell if he is engaged. I’m really happy that we got someone to work on that with me. It takes a lot of effort to really get him to work though. I’m definitely going to have to work as hard as he is working. I feel lazy typing that. Sometimes it really is nice to just be lazy and have a relaxed ride. I can still do that. I just need to not be lazy 90% of the time and lazy 10%.

Katie got on Scarlet as well. She said she really liked him. Obviously this made me happy since Scarlet is my boy. She said his strides are much larger than he is. It definitely is a big stride and he is a work out to ride due to that.

Poor Scarlet was all sweaty when we were done with him. He was even lathered up in between his hind legs. We cooled him off well and fluffed up the hair so he could dry well. He got some grass and some grain when we put him away. It’s a ridiculously hot spell right now. Upper 70’s for the whole day and Scarlet hasn’t even started shedding yet. He probably wont for another month or so. The hot spell is only supposed to last for a week but it’s still a long time to be in his winter coat in spring weather.

We also rode on Tuesday. There was an immediate improvement on the corner. He kinda looked at it as we walked past but I asked him to move over so he did. We power walked around and used our backs well. I worked on my position a bit. So sore now. Scarlet ended up being super sweaty again. But that’s okay. It’s mostly due to his coat and we made sure that he was cool and dry before we put him away. Katie definitely gave us some great tips that we can use to improve even when she isn’t able to ride with me. I love having friends that love to ride.


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