3 In a Row

I got to ride three days in a row! Its so exciting to be able to be riding consistently again. Scarlet’s sore is healing up really well. Its just bare skin now. There is even some hair coming back in the spot as well. All pluses in my book. It also hasn’t been raining so the arena is back to normal conditions. In fact, its not supposed to rain for at least two weeks here. Its both good and bad in my mind. Good because Scarlet’s pen will get a chance to dry up and bad because, hey, we are in California. We need the rain super badly.

I got to ride Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. On Thursday, I went out after work. There happened to be a lot of people there. Unusual for a Thursday. Wednesdays seem to be a popular day but not normally Thursdays. Scarlet and his buddy next to him were a little worked up. They were dashing around their pens and nipping at each other over the fence. I think they were worked up due to people practicing barrel patterns in the arena. Scarlet seemed fine when I brought him out though.

I tied him to a hitching post that we don’t normally use since its closer to the fence he doesn’t like. I did that because someone else was using the one in front of the tack room and there was a halter hanging from the one I normally use. I didn’t want to be tacking Scarlet up and then have that person come out in the middle of the process and need the hitching post. So I used the free one that I don’t normally use.

It turned out to not be such a great idea. I was cleaning out Scarlet’s last hoof when he spooked at something. I let him pull it out of my hand and backed off a bit. He didn’t spook too badly. He had stopped when the rope pulled on his face and was staring at the fence. I stepped up to him to try to help calm him down. Then he spooked again. And stepped his whole foot onto my right foot.

If you’ve had a horse step on you before, you know the pain. If you haven’t, just think about the fact that horses are – on average- 1000 lbs and they wear steel shoes. Suffice to say, it really, really hurts.

It felt like he was on my foot for forever but it was probably only 3-5 seconds. I let out a few choice cuss words when he was off and had to sit down for a bit until the pain passed. After it did, I moved him to our normal hitching post and quickly tacked him up. My foot hurt but it didn’t hurt badly enough to make me think that it was broken. I rode him around for a while, walking and trotting.

It swelled a bit that night and some the next day but it didn’t seem to be bad. I rode on Friday and it actually hurt less than in my tennis shoes since boots supported my foot better. We cantered a bit but I wasn’t trying to do too much since I want to steadily get him back into shape.

Saturday we just walked and trotted but we had so many issues with the corner and side in general. We had several spin and spooks and he refused to get closer to the fence than 10 feet. I had things to do later in the day so I decided that it would be better to just cut off that side of the arena and not fight with him. Scarlet settled down after I did that and we had a decent ride.

I’m planning on giving him Sunday off so that he can rest. This is a lot more work than he has had to do recently. And my friend is in town so we are going to ride together during the week and I want him to be ready for that.

Yay riding!


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