Sloppy Arena

I got to ride Scarlet on Tuesday. The rain really came down here. We even got flash flood warnings on Sunday. So everything was really wet Sunday. I don’t have an indoor to ride in and I don’t relish getting soaked while riding. Monday I had a chiro appointment so I couldn’t make it out to Scarlet before it got dark. So Tuesday it is.

The arena definitely was showing the effects of the rain. It wasn’t super bad but it definitely was soft and sloppy. Since the footing wasn’t great, I really didn’t do anything with Scarlet. We just walked in circles for a while. It isn’t the great, stamina building ride I was hoping for but it was surprisingly relaxing. Riding my horse is so good for my mental health.

I let him graze for a while after I got off today. Its so funny to watch him eat grass. No matter how well fed he is, Scarlet stuffs it into his mouth like he has never eaten before. Even when he was on grass pasture all the time, he would always bit and keep adding to the mouthful he already had. Horses are silly creatures sometimes.

My horse friend may be in from out of town this coming weekend. I’m excited to have her meet Scarlet since she hasn’t been back in town since I got him back. I’m also hoping to use her truck to haul in a few more poles. I think I asked my barn owner early on if she minded me bringing in more poles and she was okay with it but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll have to ask her again before the weekend. If so, I’m excited to get paints and start making some more poles. I definitely am looking forward to setting up some trot poles on the weekends.

I actually thought I’d try to use trot poles to cheat in the scary corner with Scarlet. My trainer and I used to use that when I first got him and he just would not focus during a lesson. Instead of working him till he expended enough energy to finally focus, we would stick out a trot pole or two and he would focus right in on that. It was magic. I’m hoping to either put a few poles in a spoke patter in the corner or put a pole at the entrance and a pole at the exit to get him to focus on that and not the scary. I just need him to start associating that corner with something other than scary noises and shadows.


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