Riding again!

Wednesday I went out and groomed Scarlet. He was so freaking muddy! My arm hurt from grooming off the mud. I don’t mind him rolling but for some reason the mud is sticking really really well to his hair. His sore area looked awesome. There is no wound any more. Not even a pink spot. Its just bare of hair right now and that will get better with time.

Friday, I put a saddle back on him for the first time. I was careful when I put it on to focus on him to make sure he wasn’t telling me that it hurt him. It doesn’t seem to be resting at all on that part of his withers. I knew the saddle didn’t put pressure there but I was worried about the blanket. They seem to be staying up when I pull them up after putting the saddle on.

It was so awesome to ride again, even if all we did was walk and a bit of trotting. I didn’t even really mind that he was super duper spooky at the normal corner. I got him to walk through it by the end of the ride so that’s fine.

Saturday I rode again. I planned on just walking and trotting since we haven’t ridden for almost a month. I definitely do not want to override him after just getting back to being able to ride. We walked around the arena and did pretty well with the corner while walking. I started off trotting by doing big circles both ways in the middle of the arena.

Now, I’ve talked about the corner that Scarlet is worried about many times in previous posts. Its the bane of the arena for us. However, the most annoying/odd thing is, he is really concerned about that corner even when we are in the middle of the arena. If we are circling and we get over to that quarter of the circle, his attention is focused on the corner. I can’t figure out how to make that corner less concerning. We’ve stood in it lots. I’ve given him treats while standing in it. I can’t really walk him over to the things on the other side of the fence that I think are concerning him. That would mean I’d have to walk into the neighbors yard. No matter how nice they are, they probably wouldn’t appreciate that. I’ve tossed around just doing sacking out sessions in general to see if that helps. I’ll probably do that since its never a bad idea to make sure your horse can deal with scary things. (Mine so can’t. Not even close to being able to.)

Other than the corner, everything was going well on our ride. Then it decided to start raining. No big deal. I can ride in the rain after all. My boots and saddle are synthetic so I don’t really have to worry about my equipment. We will keep riding, I thought to myself. Mother Nature must have heard and said “Oh really?” cause the skies opened up after that. Immediately I was soaked. Scarlet was trying to keep his head out of the wind. Water was dripping down from my visor. So I threw up the white flag, tossed a blanket over Scarlet and called it a day. When Mother Nature takes up a challenge, she always wins.


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