Mud on the Horse

Being out of town this weekend, I didn’t really get much time to hang out with Scarlet. I was able to get out to him Sunday afternoon after I came back. I was planning on trying to talk to the barn owner to see if she would mind me buying some sand or dirt to build up the pen a bit and then getting rubber mats. When I got out there on Sunday, I was surprised to find that someone had beat me to it! The barn owner and her friend had gone around that weekend and placed two 4×6 rubber mats in each horse’s pen. I was really surprised. Pleasantly so obviously. It saves me some money on mats. The cheapest I could find was $40! I would like to build up the area underneath the pad a bit as it’s somewhat lumpy with a few low spots. I’m waiting for the dirt to dry out some before I do that.

I took Scarlet out into the arena to lunge him and he decided he wanted to roll right then and there! Usually, he gives me a bit of warning as he looks around for the perfect spot. Not this time! This time he just put his nose down and dropped right down. I tapped him on the rump with the lunge whip but he completely ignored me. He got into it fast, flailing around like only a horse rolling can so I let him complete it while keeping the lunge line out of the way. He turned into a dark tan colored horse by the time he was done. So freaking muddy.

I was planning on grooming him after lunging but that obviously wasn’t going to work this time. I tried but everything was wet and I ended up not doing much. It hasn’t been too cold here the last few nights. Its even supposed to hit 70 this week. I decided to leave his blanket off.

One benefit of his rolling was that when I went to clean of his sore, he had loosened the scab enough that it came right off. There is smooth pink skin there now! Yay! I still put some salve on it since its brand new skin and I want to give it a good chance to heal quite well.

I was able to go out on Monday and groom him. I got there after dinner was served so he was eating. Smart horse was actually using the mats placed out there for him. I’m really hoping he continues using them. So many times I see horses ignoring the things we attempt to put out there for their comfort. I came away almost as dusty as he did after cleaning off all the dried mud. At least he is somewhat closer to his normal chestnut after that grooming session. I’m hopeful that I will be able to put a saddle on him soon. I do want to make sure that his back is 100% healed before I do though. Causing him to have another sore is definitely not something I want to do. I am not really excited about the rodeo that he will give me during the first ride back. But its worth it to be riding him again.


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