A ride!

I’ve been continuing to put salve on Scarlet’s rub. Its looking pretty good now. The skin in the bald patch does not look aggravated at all and there is only a small scab. Scarlet flinches his skin when I first go to look at it but I just keep my hands still on his withers until he relaxes. The slave is supposed to help with any pain that may be associated to it as well. He doesn’t mind me touching it when I get the salve on it so he is either putting up with me or it helps.

I did remember my helmet on Sunday so I hopped on him bareback. I’m glad I did only bareback since the spot turned out to be only a couple of inches from my groin area. I was pretty sure the saddle wouldn’t have gone on without hitting it but I’m glad I never tried putting it on to see where it hit. I didn’t do much with him since I’ve never been a very good bareback rider. We just walked circles in the round pen for 15 minutes. It was fun to do that again.

I need to do more stirrupless rides when his back heals. Riding bareback definitely keyed me into just how dependent I’ve become on my stirrups. I blame that on my squishy core partially. I’ve got to get back to do the core regimen I created! I could feel myself getting behind the motion at first when I asked him to change directions. Definitely not a good thing.

The ride itself was very calm. Scarlet just walked around and seemed to relax. It was nice to just be on him. I really love this horse. I’m probably going to try to hop on him a little bit more while he is healing but not too often. I want him to get better as fast as possible. Its fortuitous that its raining at the same time that the rub happened. I wouldn’t be riding much in this weather anyways.


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