Its raining! Raining in California! While the rain does interfere with being able to ride Scarlet, I definitely cannot complain. I like drinking in the summer. And I like making sure my horse can have water to drink as well. So let the rain come!

Sunday was also focused on moving into our new house. It still looks like the box-apocalypse happened. I know its going to get better and when moving/cleaning/organizing happens, it always gets worse before it gets better but it can be really tiring having trouble walking through the boxes.

I have been using the tomorrow paste on Scarlet’s hooves. Its hard to tell if it’s making a difference with the thrush. I don’t think it is getting worse. I’ve specifically been focusing on the heel area as the crack there was starting to grow upwards which I’ve read is very bad. There are a couple of cracks in the middle of each side of the frog on his back right hoof. I have still seen some black gunk getting pulled out of those when I’m picking his feet but I don’t think those are growing either. Fingers crossed that I can battle this thrush issue. Its always one of those things that Scarlet has had issues with in the winter. I just don’t want it to get too bad.

Since I haven’t been riding, I’ve been trying to keep reading my dressage 101 book. I don’t love the idea of advanced dressage but I really think that the basics are essential for any type of riding. And since Scarlet and I aren’t going to be doing anything amazing together soon, working on the basics should be really helpful. We have done a few things listed in the beginning of the book but we haven’t gotten anyone out there to give us feedback so I’m not sure if I can move on to the next steps yet. I’ve read way far past where Scarlet and I are at but I do read fast. Hopefully come summertime we will have a fair amount of the core basics down. I want to have someone help me get some more poles out so I can start doing work over poles soon.

I did go out to see Scarlet on Tuesday. I wanted to give him some grain and check his shoulder. His blanket keeps rubbing his hair off. I can’t figure out why or how to fix it. He has had the blanket for a while so I don’t know why it is now. I’ve been adjusting the straps to see if I can figure it out but it just seems to be moving around the spot that is getting rubbed. 😦

I didn’t want to walk through his whole pen since it was quite muddy. I slipped through the rails with the bucket and he lunched for it, which cracked his head against mine. That hurt so badly. I smacked him and sent him away to wait for me to put his grain in his feeder. I am going to have to work on his food eagerness. It’s not exactly aggression but its still bad and potentially dangerous. I had been making him back up and wait but I’ve gotten lazy recently and just let him drop his head to the bucket. Now I’ve learned and it won’t happen again.

Fingers crossed that this rain continues so we can be good this summer!


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