Yay! Finally got a day riding! After over a week of not riding, I got to go out and ride Scarlet. I hadn’t been able to ride since last Monday since it was raining and I got sick. I got out this Monday to give Scarlet some attention but that was it.

It was nice to go out there though. My husband came with me which I think is the third time he has been around Scarlet since I bought him. Not that he doesn’t like horses. He just gives me my space to do my thing when I go ride. He knows that riding is important and I’m still taking my time getting to know Scarlet again.

He said he wanted to go with me to give him a cookie since “Instead of him thinking of me as the guy that hands around you sometimes, this way,  he will think of me as that guy that gives me cookies and hangs around you sometimes.” It was kinda sweet.

Today we got let go from work early which was awesome. This usually happens before holidays but we got let out earlier than normal. I had packed my riding clothes and boots in my car just to be prepared if we did get let off. So I was prepared when they let us go three hours early.

I was so excited. I gave Scarlet some of the new horse cookies I had gotten as a gift. You know your best friend really understands you when she gives you horse cookies, a gift card to the tack store and a horse book for Christmas. (He loved the cookies, obviously.)

It was really windy today so he was super reactive to all noises. There was a piece of the metal covering for the arena fence that was rattling like nuts when a breeze came but he did fairly well with that. He did fairly well overall for a super windy day. Only a few spooks at the normal corner and one huge spook when cooling out.

I was trying to work on our connection and his transitions from walk-halt. I want him to be more sensitive to my aid since he has been blowing through my legs quite often in the recent past. We did okay working today but its really hard to get his attention when he is focusing on everything being scary. Hopefully we can get our next ride during a day when its not extremely windy.

Have a safe and happy holidays everyone!


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