Takin’ Sick Days

Being sick really really sucks. Especially when you are sick enough that you can’t ride. But when I’m sick enough that I take days off of work, I really probably shouldn’t be outside in 40-50 degree weather riding my horse.

So, unfortunately, I haven’t ridden since Monday. Scarlet did get shod on Wednesday and I did go out and see him on Friday to give him some grain but that’s about it.

Shoeing went well. I’m not sure if Scarlet has ever had hot shoeing done. He kinda freaked out at the smoke that was generated. He kept looking behind him to try and figure out where it was coming from. Overall, his feet are good. The farrier said his back feet will be fine to be bare until I get the time to come out and ride more consistently. He also gave me something to use on the thrush in his back feet. It a paste used for wounds on cow udders called Tomorrow. Its a very popular thrush treatment. He said a clinic he attended put on by a farrier who taught at Cornell suggested it. So I plan to buy a few tubes and combat the thrush as best I can.

Since I’m not riding, I’ve been reading about riding and watching past Grand Prix classes on YouTube. It definitely makes me yearn to do that. I know that Scarlet will never be the horse to do that. One, he is 18 almost 19 years old and hasn’t done more than jump for fun in his lifetime. Two, he is only 15 hands. A bit difficult to get over fences. And three, I’m not very experience. I could probably figure it out to a certain point. But reading about techniques and such can only do me so good. I really need to figure out how to get lessons to happen occasionally. I definitely need someone to correct me and tell me if I’m getting what I want. You can only tell so much from feel when you have limited experience. If all I ever wanted to do was ride for pleasure, I’m a very experienced rider. If I every hope to compete and do well, I need some help. I’ll have to figure out a way to get that help. Sure I wont do much, if any, competing with Scarlet but I’m going to have more horses in my future. I want to try with them.


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