One ride

I got one weekday ride in on Monday. Better than nothing. Scarlet was actually quite good for the ride as well, considering that hay was being thrown to the horses while we were riding. He gave a pathetic quiet half neigh at that while we were riding but was still paying attention to me, more or less. We didn’t do more than jog around in a circle. I did do a bit of backing. Like I said, I plan on working on the backing up straight. I’ve noticed that Scarlet always swings his hips out to the left at the beginning of backing so I’m going to try my best to block that. I also am going to focus on my cues to make sure that I’m not causing him to swing out.

Tuesday I did not ride since I was kept back in work for an extra two hours. Its probably better that I did not since it feels like I’m getting sick. I did want to at least go out there and give him some grain but by the time I got out of work, it was late and I was ravenous. So I didn’t get out yesterday.

Today Scarlet is going to be getting shod. I’m going back and forth on putting hind shoes on him. On one hand, his feet haven’t cracked badly or anything and it is winter so the chances of pulling a shoe is higher. On the other, his heels look like they are getting a little low and his rear left hoof looks like it is winging out when growing. I’m going to talk to the farrier to get his opinion on everything. Hopefully we can make a good decision that will help Scarlet keep sound. The last thing I want is for him to go lame. Its a lot harder to come back from injury when you are older.


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