Massages and Backing

Since we are going to be dealing with limited light for a few more months and limited time, specifically this month, I wanted to find some other things I could do with Scarlet to bond and spend time with him. I love riding and I know he likes moving out and going fast, even when it means leaving buddies and food. I have to admit, I’m limited in my knowledge of what I can do with my horse besides riding. I used to just sit on him and let him graze when I had him in my backyard but that’s not as easy when you board him at a barn.

I started looking into massages for horses to see if I could figure that out. I’ve watched a couple of videos of the Masterson Method but the ones I saw looked more like relieving tension by stretching. This is important but I was looking more for massaging. I’m not sure if I want to try and find a book on massaging or look into DVDs. I’d really like to find a clinic to teach me as I feel this is something that is better learned through hands on but clinics usually aren’t cheap. I just started looking into this though so I haven’t decided on anything.

One thing I’ve decided to work on in riding with Scarlet is backing. We’ve always had issues with it. Scarlet is fairly reluctant to back up and I have had to really haul on his head to get him to do so. Now that I’m older and more experienced, I realize that this is a really bad thing. So I’m going to work on faster responses to correct cues. And we have never been able to back up straight. Scarlet has always scooted out to one side or the other. I’m going to work on taking a step at a time and going as straight as possible. Its a good exercise because it will really build up his muscles. Backing is hard work.


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