So, Sunday update didn’t happen. Its going to take a while for me to get back into the swing of updating twice weekly I guess. In my defense, I was driving for five hours yesterday.

Either way, I didn’t get to ride this weekend since I was out of town. It really sucks when I go for several days without riding. I get so antsy and grumpy. As every horse person knows, our moods are directly tied to how much riding time we get.

I did do a bit of reading about riding. I’ve been enjoying going on horse forums more. I want to immerse myself into the horse community again after staying away for a while. Its a bit hard to do at my current barn. There are only a couple of people that ride regularly at my barn and even they are not out very often since it gets dark soon. So I’m looking online for that community feel.

Its quite effective. I love reading all the different advice and problems that people encounter. I may not have their issue currently nor may I ever in the future but I’m absorbing the knowledge like a sponge.

My current research project for myself is to try and figure out what I’m doing that may be causing rough downward transitions. I really want to smooth those out. Scarlet’s upward transitions are pretty good as long as I make sure we are completely warmed up and stretched out. Our downward has always been awful. And since my transitions on other horses are bad too, I’m pretty sure its me. I’ve been reading a bit about blocking/asking too much with the reins. I don’t know if this is what I am doing but it may be. I want to practice these during our rides. I feel this is something constructive I can do when the light is not good and this is still a good skill to work on.

Once I get the transitions or it gets a bit lighter, whatever comes first, I want to try working on lengthenings and counter canter. I know that this can be all done at once, but I don’t have a lot of riding time so unless I’m doing a long ride on the weekends I feel like one skill will be better for me.

I’m planning on riding today so I’m going to work really hard on focusing on my position and what I am doing during transitions. Hopefully I can figure out my flaws. If not, I may need to get some outside help. If only it stayed light enough to really consider a lesson.


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