Back from delay!

I’m now going to be back to writing on Wednesday and Sunday! I finished NaNoWriMo (as a winner!) and now no longer have things clogging up my time, I can continue focusing on writing this blog and riding!

I did ride Scarlet some during my last week and a half mad dash to the finish line. I set up some jumps and we went over them a few times. That was quite fun. They were only about nine inches off the ground but Scarlet always sees them as larger. We went over them at a trot and canter a couple of times. On each lead we didn’t get over them very well. We chipped in short on the right lead and had a very upwards jump over the itty bitty jumps. On the left lead, Scarlet decided that he wanted to launch himself from really far away. That was not great. I was not prepared for that and ended up yanking on his face when we landed. Each jump after both of those fails went well but it was kinda funny how rusty we both are.

I’ve been trying to do more riding during the week days. I’ve been riding until it gets darker and then cooling off after it gets dark. Its been going well honestly. Scarlet hasn’t been spooky which is what I was worried about. I’ve gotten a few rides in here and there.

Its been pretty cold but his blanket seems to be holding up to the task. Obviously we don’t get snow or super cold here but its still chilly. I’m hoping that I get a vest for Christmas so that I can wear it while riding! 🙂

The last couple of days that I’ve ridden, the barn owner and her daughter have been out riding. They are trying to get her barrel racing horses back into shape I think. Its interesting having people riding with me more often. I’m so used to riding on my own. Its not bad, just different. Its less lonely for sure. I think Scarlet likes the company too. Hopefully I get out more so that he gets more rides!


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