Wierd Weather and Company

So… I could have sworn that it was almost Thanksgiving? Isn’t it? So why is it in the upper 70s? I’ve taken Scarlet’s blanket off for the past couple of nights. Sure it still gets down to the 40s at night but that really isn’t that cold. And I want to make sure that he isn’t too warm during the day.

I rode for a decent short ride this Friday. I had talked to one of my friends about my plan of getting a lantern and she somewhat talked me out of it. Her reasoning being that the lantern would kill his night vision and the shadows created by it might be scarier than the night. Horses’ night vision is much better than ours. Plus the moon could help depending on how full it is. So I rode for longer on Friday. We got a good walk trot canter in in about twenty minutes and I could still somewhat see when we had finished cooling out.

Saturday is now one of the two days of the week that I look forward to the most. I can spend a couple of hours out at the barn and still have time left in the day. I had planned on putting up a tiny jump and going over that a couple of times after warming up. But when I got there, there were several other people who were planning on riding. So you really can’t put up jumps when you are going to be the only one using them.

There ended up being five people riding including myself. Its good to ride in a crowded arena when you are used to riding on your own. You need to be prepared to make quick turning decisions and keep control of your horse at all times. It was quite fun riding with everyone else. It might have been all the horses riding or it might have been a combination of that, someone putting up a barn in the next property and tilling a field but Scarlet was in full spook mode. The corner that is always slightly scary was super duper scary. We full on planted and lunged sideways several times. It did not get better at all for the rest of the ride. It was annoying but its something you have got to deal with.

We had a really good ride overall. We worked a bit on his anticipation with the canter transition and some on the sitting trot. By the time we were done, he was pretty sweaty. I sponged him off and then let him graze on the lawn for a bit.

So no jumping practice but a bunch of other  good things from that ride. Maybe I’ll get the jumps in on Sunday.


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