Extra Ride

I got an extra long ride in this week. I took the day off work in order to get my name changed. That took the first half of the day. The second half, I got to go ride.

It was odd being at the barn during the middle of the day on a week day. I normally am able to be there in the evening on weekdays and the morning on weekends. There were a couple of people around. One of the women I’ve never really seen ride before but she was out there riding. It made me feel better because her horse is such a sweetie, always coming up to the fence when I walk by. Its good to know that he probably gets out most days during the middle of the day.

They had also drug the arena since it has finally rained enough to do it without dust just filling the air. They have done it twice since we have gotten two days of a good amount of rain. (Yay! Rain in Cali!) The first time it was just somewhat nice. This time though, they were really able to get in and drag deep. The footing was sooooo nice. There had been a side of the arena that was perpetually harder than the rest but that was almost erased. I felt like we had a better ride due to this.

Scarlet is always so spooky. Even now that he is eighteen, he still spooks like a young horse sometimes. He doesn’t like to go down one of the long sides of the arena. Its really scary to him. I don’t force him to go super close to the fence line since there is plenty of arena otherwise but I make sure he rides the line I tell him to. The neighbor was out working in a shed near the arena. He was making some noise so I was expecting that to be really scary. For our warm up at walk and trot both directions, Scarlet didn’t seem to care. But for some reason this all changed at the canter. Suddenly, that man and the noise was the scariest thing he had ever seen. I will never understand what causes that horse to tick.

For the end of the last couple rides, I have had us work on some side passing and turn on the forehands. I wanted to work on some things we could do while cooling down that were still muscle building. He has been doing fairly well. I added in some turn on the haunches this time and he did even better on those. They are all good skills to cultivate so I will continue to work on these till it is really easy for him to respond.

It doesn’t look like it is supposed to rain this weekend so I’m hopeful that I will get two full rides this time.


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