Weekend Rides and Rain

After a whole week of not doing more than hopping on Scarlet to walk in a circle and get off, this weekend was something I was looking forward to. Finally I get to do some real rides!

Saturday was great. I took my time grooming him before the ride, just because I could. It was nice to just take my time getting ready. I normally just rush through getting him groomed so that I can get on before its dark but I feel bad about doing so. I got to look him over very thoroughly. It was good that I did so because he had a couple of new cuts on his legs. They don’t look like a big deal so I’m assuming that he and the horses next to him are arguing. There isn’t anything in his pen that he could really catch himself on. I know that for sure since I’ve walked around the whole pen to check on that. They had already stopped bleeding and I wouldn’t have even paid attention if the blood hadn’t shown up so nicely on his white socks. Actually, with the rain and mud that we have had recently, his socks are becoming more of a tan color.

I also noticed that his blanket is rubbing a couple of places on his shoulders and his butt. I think the blanket is a little too big and a little too old. Since there are a few rips, its drooping where it used to not droop. I don’t want the blanket to rub him raw so I’m going to have to take a look at the other blanket I have. I probably need to wash it off to make sure any cobwebs and such are no longer there. Hopefully its the right length and not too heavy. The weather is going from cold to 75 within a day around here recently. I don’t want the blanket to stay on him if its warm like that.

We did have a great ride on Saturday. We rode for around 40 minutes. I was so happy we got to have a long slow warm up. It really helped us both. He had really nice transitions up and downward. I was so impressed with the downward canter-trot transitions he gave me. Normally its kinda bumpy like he is ping ponging between my aids. I know this is caused by him not carrying himself on his rear but we hadn’t been able to fix that. Saturday was just lovely, nice smooth down in to the trot. We even managed to overcome the super fast anticipating trot. We went on direction without issue and when I reversed, Scarlet picked up a really really fast trot. So I rode it out and kept asking him to come back down to the normal trot speed without completely yanking on his face. After 6-7 laps, he decided to go to a good trot and I sat for a couple of strides and then asked for the canter. It was nice to be able to have the time to address the different issues that come up during a ride without being limited to only doing one thing.

Sunday it rained a lot. A lot. We really need it here in California so I’m not upset that it rained but I did not get to ride. I probably could have ridden in the afternoon after the rain decided to stop but I had not blanketed Scarlet again on Saturday since it was warm. I thought I would be able to get the blanket back on him before it rained again on Sunday but I was wrong. Oh well, I brought it upon myself.

Camp lanterns are fairly expensive and many available in stores that I have gift cards to are not the ones I’m looking for. I may end up needing to purchase one from amazon. I should do that sooner rather than later if that is what I’m planning on so that I will be able to ride in the evening soon.


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