Short Rides

So how about that winter riding? Ha… ha… ha… I was sick on Sunday so I didn’t go out to ride Scarlet then, which is now one of the 2 days a week that I can ride a decent length of time gone. Then it rained on Monday so I didn’t go out then. I went out yesterday and today because I knew that I needed to get out. I also needed to get Scarlet out if I wanted him to have any semblance of muscles come spring/summer when I want to start doing real rides again. I rode for maybe 10 minutes each day.

On Tuesday I was pleasantly surprised that Scarlet was actually fairly good for the ride. There was no shenanigans or spooking unnecessarily. Today was the same. Decent rides as far as my horse’s response to me. It was short. I’m going to be harping on that until the sun comes back up enough for me to have long rides every day. Such short rides. I’m happy that keeping a blanket on Scarlet because it allows me to quickly groom just where the saddle is before I get on. I feel a little guilty about that as I’ve always properly groomed before actually getting on before. I give him a really good grooming after I get off because we have a light for the tack room that allows me to continue when its dark.

I have considered trying to get a camping lantern that is battery powered. If I can get one that is bright enough to give me a decent sized circle, I could ride for a while longer. I’ve done a bit of research about lanterns to see which ones are the one brightest. I’ve found a couple that seem to be good without being extremely expensive. They are Weatherrite 610, Rayovac Sportsman and the UST 30/60 day lanterns. I think a couple of these are available at Target so I might try and go there this weekend to see if there are any at the one here. If I get one, I’ll place it on top of a barrel and cool out using that light. This may not work when it gets colder but I’ll try it. It never hurts to have a camping lantern around.

Since I’m restricted to short rides, the next thing I need to research is what are the best strength building conditioning things to do within a couple minutes of riding for horses. I really enjoy researching horse stuff. I get lost in it for hours. Maybe I’ll find some really good exercises to keep us strong until spring.


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