Central California Oak Tree Classic

Today I spent the day with my sister doing horse stuff. It was pretty awesome. She had missed Scarlet when he was sold as well. He was my horse but she did know him for the six years that I had him. We started the morning by going out to ride Scarlet.

I didn’t let her ride him much (read: at all) when I first had him. Initially, that was a good idea. She has never been the rider that I was/am. And no I’m not saying this out of vanity. I’ve always been more into the horse world than she was. She likes horses. I live for horses.

Initially Scarlet was too headstrong and dangerous to allow her to ride. Plus she had only been riding for a year at that point. Later on, he probably would have been fine to ride but I still didn’t allow her to. I did toss her up on him and walk her around. But that was about it.

So, hindsight being 20/20, I wanted to make sure that she would be able to ride him. So we went out and rode around. He still isn’t in super great condition, so we didn’t ride for a super long time but we did ride. She enjoyed it though he wasn’t sure what to do with her posting. She rode western primarily so her posting skills are close to non-existent. Not to mention her muscles aren’t there.

After riding, we spent the rest of the day watching classes at the Paso Robles Horse Park. Their Grand Prix class was that afternoon. It was a lot of fun. We toured the whole grounds. It’s a stunning facility, brand new. The stable rows were mostly temporary stabling put up for the show but there are wash racks and 8 arenas, 2 of which were grass.

We got to watch a few classes but what we were really waiting for was the Grand Prix class.We watched the 1.20 jumpers before and I’ve watched 1.30 as well but the jump from that to Grand Prix heights is really significant. It was a great class with 29 rider pairs. The course was really difficult with a lot of difficult striding combinations that caused many rides to drop poles. In fact, only 3 pairs managed to go clean for the jump off round. The crowd was very into the rides as well with audible groans of disappointment whenever a pair had a fault. The winner ended up being Lindsay Archer on Camerone. She went clear with a time of 32 seconds and change on a jump-off course with really demanding turns. It was amazing to watch and I know that I will be thinking about this for a while.

I envy everyone at that show. They have worked hard and reached goals or are working towards them. I wish that I had the ability to be like them now. I don’t. Its the unfortunate truth. I do hope that I can. Circumstances limit me but I’m working on it. Someday I’ll be flying over jumps and I’ll be the one winning classes. Dreams right? That’s why we ride. Because we can’t get that horse dream out of where it got stuck the first time we saw these beautiful creatures.



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