It was probably too much to hope that buying my horse back and all his tack would magically be the perfect combination that would allow me to just hop on and ride off into the sunset.

Scarlet’s previous owner was around the same height but much thinner than I am. And did not have as large of a booty. So her saddle is definitely small for me. I keep getting shoved onto my front pelvic area when riding instead of sitting straight up as I should. That causes my lower back muscles to be sore. Not great but not super bad. So I thought.

But then the soreness started turning into back pain when I tried to twist to see cars for merging or pain when sitting at my desk. And Scarlet started pinning his ears when I asked for a canter. I’d kept a close eye on his back and strides, doing pressure tests to see how he would react to that to make sure I wasn’t working him too hard. But where my weight sits does not work for him when I sit back to ask for a canter. Between that and my sore lower back, I realized that I need a new saddle. Bad.

How fortuitous that there is a tack sale going on this weekend. I’m really hoping to find something decent that is used as my husband is starting to get a little wide-eyed at how much money I’m spending. (And in only 2 weeks. Poor baby.) I don’t think the idea “horses are expensive” really got through to him till now.

I feel like a kid waiting for a holiday I’m so excited to go shopping for a saddle. I’ve spent hours now pouring over how to make sure a saddle properly fits your horse. I’ve read so much on it and most of it revolves around putting it on your horse to see how it fits. Since I can’t exactly drag him around a tack sale with me, hopefully, I can measure length and tree width well enough to guess if it will fit. I’m going to use the wire hanger trick to measure his shoulder width so I can make sure it doesn’t pinch there. I also watched all of the Scheleese fit videos on YouTube though I’m looking for a jumper saddle, not a dressage one. The basic concepts should be the same. Seriously though, the best view and explaining of why the saddles need to fit the way they do. Couldn’t ever afford one of their saddles but the videos are free and really informative.

Fingers crossed that I know enough to find a good fit. And that I find one within my price range.


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