Why is it so hard to find a boarding facility that is safe, clean and English focused without paying half of a paycheck each month?

Logically, I know this is due to the upkeep that is required on jumping and dressage arenas and the jumps. Its still frustrating because I’d love to get to know people who ride the same style I do. I’d like training partners so we can critique each other’s riding and help each other improve. It would be awesome to be able to hitch a ride with someone to a show occasionally when I have the extra cash.

The area I’m in, upper central coast, has several dedicated dressage barns, a couple eventing focused and a few all-around English barns. The only problem is they are $400 a month and up in board costs. I know that is reasonable but I can’t afford it. So I found a nice place to board with nice people for $200 a month. Western barn with a barrel racing focus. A good sized arena and everything is safe. The only limitation this is going to cause is I’m going to have to do everything myself. I’ll need to figure out how to give myself training. I’ll need to try creating my own jumps. I wont be going to shows unless I find someone else who is going.

I keep thinking about the things that I don’t have, now that I’m faced with trying to establish my horse life again. I don’t have money, trainer, time, experience etc. I think this is distracting me from what I do have.

I have Scarlet.


I have time. I’m a good rider, I’ve been told this by various people. I’m smart and creative. I can figure out how to teach and exercise for the things I want to do. I can try finding a trainer who is willing to travel out to me. And if I can’t, I’ll just read everything I can get my hands on. But I can do this. I can ride to the level of riding I want. Even without all the fancy things.


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